The core focus of True North Environmental, LLC is to provide affordable Phase I ESAs with the ability to deliver the report in 2 to 3 weeks. In certain instances, and depending on the project access, some Phase I ESAs can be completed in less than 2 weeks.

Due Diligence

Before purchasing real property, commercial, industrial, residential, recreational, etc., it is critically important to first understand any risk the property may present so the risk can be anticipated and managed. While the Phase I ESA is the most common tool for evaluating risk, there are a number of options. TNE is experienced with all aspects of environmental due diligence and offers the following types of due diligence services.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

The Phase I ESA is the benchmark approach to environmental due-diligence in the real estate industry. However, despite being a standardized document, all Phase I ESAs are not created equally. When properly completed the Phase I ESA can offer legal liability protection to innocent landowners, when completed by a qualified professional. Performance of the Phase I ESA is guided by ASTM Standard E1527-21.

All Phase I ESAs are by qualified Environmental Professionals that meet the requirements defined by the Phase I ESA standard and the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standard. Furthermore, TNE provides staff with extensive experience and knowledge of the lending industry and environmental issues. This can be extremely helpful when navigating a complex project or considering a loan with high risk.

The primary objective of a Phase I ESA is typically to determine if one (or more) Recognized Environmental Conditions, also known as RECs, are present on the subject property. If a Recognized Environmental Condition, such as an underground fuel tank, is found at the subject property then a Phase II ESA may be required for a next step.

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Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

When Recognized Environmental Conditions are identified, then Phase II ESAs are commonly performed.

TNE provides performs Phase II ESAs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Knowledge of the State of Idaho regulations can be a critical element of the Phase II ESA process and cost.

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Transaction Screen Process

While the Phase I ESA is the preferred approach for environmental due diligence, in some cases (for instance a vacant property) a less-robust approach may be more appropriate.

TSP provides AAI and CERCLA innocent landowner defense liability protection.

Transaction Screen Process provides an alternative approach for real estate due diligence that can be performed for a lower cost.

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Record Search and Risk Assessment

An RSRA is another due diligence product more appropriately used for low-risk property and offers a lower cost.

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Custom Environmental Due Diligence Reports and Other Services

Occasionally a project is unique and that might require a common-sense approach to perform due diligence. TNE is experienced with a variety of property types and can offer alternative solutions as necessary.

TNE is also skilled at providing evaluations for:

  • larger-sized parcels (parcels larger than 10 acres)
  • Pre-lease assessments
  • Foreclosures
  • Vapor Intrusion and Encroachment
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Lead Based Paint Surveys

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UST Inspections, Removal and Closure

  • Regulated or unregulated underground tanks can impose a de-valuing condition to real estate property and they also come with some level of risk.
  • TNE staff is experienced with removal and closure of both regulated and unregulated fuel tanks and fuel systems.

Environmental Compliance

  • Compliance issues can result in costly civil and criminal penalties as well as bad press.
  • TNE can provide ala carte compliance that allows a cost-effective approach for compliance without the cost of keeping a full-time environmental consultant on staff.

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