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True North Environmental, LLC (TNE) is a full-service environmental consulting provider that specializes in Environmental Due Diligence for Real Estate Transactions including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

Phase I ESAs are completed in 2-3 weeks by experienced Environmental Professionals for all types of properties, including commercial, industrial, and retail use. TNE staff is experienced with all types of environmental due diligence for real estate transactions and can deliver a final Phase I ESA report in 2 weeks. TNE is also capable of completing non-standard environmental due diligence including Phase I ESAs for multi-site portfolios, bankruptcies, pre/post-lease agreements, and/or tailor our services to meet client needs.

Environmental Engineering with Years of Experience

True North Environmental, LLC Phase I ESAs are performed and managed by an Idaho Licensed Professional Geologist with over 20 years of consulting experience. The Phase I ESAs are compliant with the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) rule and the current Phase I Environmental Site Assessment ASTM Standard (E1527-21) and are designed for all major lending institutions and the US Small Business Administration (SBA).

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